If you want mediocre, visit our competitors. Others provide minimum sound equipment and lights; we exceed in excellence. I am dedicated to making your day special!
Here is a sample Wedding Ceremony Agenda:
  • Prelude Music (Light Music)
  • Seating of Guests
  • Seating of Family
  • Bridal Party Processional March with Music
  • Bride's Processional March with Music
  • Ceremony
  • Readings of Poetry and or/Holy Scripture Communion and Lighting of the Unity Candle
  • Words of Wisdom and Encouragement
  • Formal Announcement of Husband and Wife
  • Recessional Music

There are numerous ways to organize a Wedding Reception. But the best way for the bride and groom is your way! You can plan the Wedding Reception in a more traditional manner or modify the Wedding Reception to suit your own preferences.
Here is a sample Wedding Reception Agenda. This is not a reception agenda written in stone, but an example. Some Brides/Grooms and Wedding Event Planners will change the agenda, and that is okay because we understand this is your Reception. Our wedding DJ will follow the Wedding Reception Agenda.
Sample Wedding Reception Agenda:
  • Music before the Bridal Party arrives
  • Announce the Grand Entrance of the Bridal Party and Bride/Groom
  • Blessing of the Meal
  • Best Man, Brides Maid, Family Toasts
  • Bride and Grooms First Dance
  • Father-Daughter Dance
  • Mother-Son Dance
  • Open Floor Dancing
  • Bouquet and Garter Toss
  • Honey Moon Dance (Money Dance)
  • Cake Cutting Ceremony
  • Last Dance

Options for the Reception:
  • Bridal Party Dance
  • Money/Honeymoon Dance
  • Reception Line
  • Parents Dance
  • Anniversary Dance

The following package is a guide and can be modified to suit your needs:
Las Vegas Wedding Reception Extravaganza: 4 hours with professional DJ/MC dressed in formal attire for your reception up to 200 people. Includes bride and groom first dance, mother/son dance, father/daughter dance, bridal party dance, cutting the cake and best man toast, bouquet and garter toss, bride and groom last dance, 4 hours of music, DJ playing your requested music, lighting.
OPTIONSLIGHT SYSTEM OPTION- Video projection and enhanced lights to give a Las Vegas club feel to your reception. Have a special DVD to show? Bring it and we'll show it!
KARAOKE OPTION- Have fun and keep everyone entertained with our library of songs.
ELVIS IMPERONSATOR-make your reception come alive by having Elvis show up and give you his blessing! Entertaining and a lot of fun.
OTHER IMPERSONATORS-Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Madonna or even Las Vegas Show girls are just some of the other people that can show up at your reception!
PHOTO BOOTH- Have your own photo booth! Guests can have fun getting pictures taken.