Working in Las Vegas as a DJ, producer, broadcaster and talk show host to tourists and locals is what I love to do. You just can't beat the city of Las Vegas for the night life, interesting people, great food and entertainment. Living in Las Vegas has allowed me the privilege to meet and DJ for people from all over the world - from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between. Of course, locals have played a big part of my DJ experience as well - from announcing sporting events, being the party DJ for pool parties, wedding and reception DJ gigs, business and non-profits that need a DJ for a special event and many, many other great DJ gigs.

I take pride in bringing out top of the line DJ sound equipment and treating every client with respect.

What are you looking for in a DJ for your event, party, reception or weekly entertainment? Are you looking for a particular type of music for the DJ to play? Do you have a musical playlist or agenda/script for the DJ? Call me and let's talk.

See you at the Party!

DJ Angel