Las Vegas DJ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Require A Deposit?

Yes.  All events with a DJ and sound system require a deposit.  This "locks" in your date and shows you are serious about hiring a DJ.

Do Your DJ's Take Breaks?

Typically DJ's do not take breaks.  If they need to step away, it is only for a few minutes.  Music will continue to play so there won't be any event interruption.

What About A Meal For The DJ?

That is up to you.

Is There A Charge For Setup Time?

Most of the time there is no charge for the DJ to setup the equipment.  If it is a large event requiring extra equipment, more people to setup, the staging area is difficult to access, or the setup time must be several hours before the even't then there may be an additional charge for setup.

What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, checks, major credit card and PayPal.